nessa rezaeian

Nessa Rezaeian

Contemporary Visual Artist

“My paintings deal with the relationships that occur in nature. I love the interactions of the numerous energies that take place in our fascinating world. The colors that I use correspond to the levels of positive human energy.  My art gives people the chance to remember events and/or see images that they have witnessed in their lives.”

Nessa is a freelance contemporary visual artist who resides in La Jolla, California.  She was born and raised in Tehran where she was surrounded by a rich cultural heritage. She started taking painting lessons at the age of eleven and by the time she was seventeen, she was working as a professional portrait artist. In February 2000, she obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in painting from The Azad Art and Architecture University of Tehran. She has private and group teaching experience. Nessa studied classical European art and culture while working as an artist in Paris.

Her unique and very personal style of art has evolved in the direction of abstract expressionism. Some of Nessa’s work illustrates Iranian poetry and literature. Often Nessa’s paintings reflect the abstract elements and colors of nature. The paintings encourage the viewer to reflect on the many aspects of life. Sometimes, new impressions are gained when appreciating Nessa’s work. It is as if the viewer sees it with another set of eyes.

Abstractions and abstract landscapes have become Nessa’s preferred inspiration. She feels that this subject matter best expresses her passion displays her talent and contributes to the international understanding of abstract art.

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